About us

Kompag9et is a network of communication professionals and freelance translators with expertise in the areas of PR, marketing, journalism, communication, website localisation and translation. Incorporated in 1994, Kompag9et provides services to companies from all over the world. We’re a small Danish company with a global reach!

Kompag9et has built up a significant and exceptionally loyal customer base within the areas of, PR, marketing, advertising, journalism, copywriting and website localisation.


Kompag9et’s customers are drawn from almost any imaginable sector and include entertainment and media, IT (including hardware and software localisation), telecommunication, vehicle distributors, medical equipment manufacturers, the fashion industry, utility companies, the cable industry, the legal profession, financial management companies, HR organisations, airlines, the tourism sector, PR professionals, marketers, advertising agencies and educational publishers.

We handle a wide range of different types of texts including manuals, catalogues, adverts, brochures, customer newspapers, newsletters, websites, business plans, articles and customer magazines.


We’re happy to provide a quick quote for translation or other services.

Just send a mail to katepers@kompag9et.dk, and you’ll hear from us within two hours!

Since we don’t have a top-heavy expensive company structure we can keep our prices at a low competitive rate.



Lyngby Hovedgade 98, st. K12 DK

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Mobile: +45 40 13 20 73

You’re also welcome to contact us outside office hours by phone, text message or e-mail.