We love our work, and we love to do it to a very high standard.

Not only will your text be of exceptional quality, it will also be proofread by at least one other member of our network so even the smallest errors are eradicated.

Quality pays

Ordering a cheap translation straight off the Internet may end up costing you more than you expected. Kompag9et’s fully professional team can deliver correct translations so you avoid web gibberish.

Translation software


We use TRADOS Studio 2011, TRADOS 7.0 and Déjà Vu X2 to improve the quality of our work. Every sentence we translate is saved to a database so it can be reused at a later date, for example in connection with a revised version of the document in question or repetition within the document. Trados also helps to ensure that terminology is used consistently, and the software is compatible with HTML, Excel, PowerPoint and Word files amongst others.